Adoption and transfer of Modern Technology
Since inception, Acolid is very keen to introduce, and adopt recent and advanced technology that suits the nature of its activities to improve the economical and production efficiency. As a pioneer in its fields, Acolid recognized the importance of introducing its first strategic project of parent and grand parents of broiler chicks, a field which required highly developed technology and which was unknown in the region before. In the same manner Acolid established the project of the Arab Poultry Breeding & Production company BREEDERS in Sharjah , UAE, which is considered to be the first strategic project in the Gulf region for providing the territory with its needs of hatching eggs and broiler chicks which contributed to the stability of Poultry Industry in the region by closing the gap in this link. Acolid took the initiative in other several productive fields, such as advanced processes of feed production and manufacturing, fertilization stimulant
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Preservation of Environment and Human Health
In the recent decade, special attention has been paid to environmental and health risks derived from animal production projects. In order to avoid the impact of this risk and to eliminate any side effect there in. Acolid adopted the latest technologies and techniques by re-cycling the wasted by-products using waste water treatment plants. It also conducted guidance campaigns through public media, and general lectures to demonstrate the impact of uncontrolled animal and poultry by-products on the environment.

Furthermore, in line with developing consumption habits and to enhance health-care awareness, Acolid introduced different poultry health products, with special attention to table eggs, by producing health egg with low-rate of cholesterol and DHA.

Developing & Training Arab Expertise Capabilities
Acolid projects are considered training and rehabilitating centers for Arab youth, by developing their abilities and enhance their performance and leadership skills in the different fields of livestock and agro industries. In accordance with Acolid vision and missions it awarded several work opportunities to Arab CADERS in different specializations in the course of human resource development.

Acolid, through its relationship with some Arab prestigious universities and research centers extend practical training to Arab graduate students. Acolid information centers provide them with the required needed scientific data necessary for their university dissertations. These efforts were crowned as success in training fields for Arab youth and enhance consolidating collective Arab works.

Economic and technical Consulting Service

Acolid is unique among other counterparts, in that it established its own capability to conduct market research, technical specifications, comprehensive feasibility studies and engineering works. These tasks were entrusted to Acolid Consulting unit for technical and economic studies (CUTES). It acted to provide projects and subsidiaries with timely solutions for obstacles they faced whether of marketing, technical, operational, organizational, legal, administrative or financial nature. IT also rendered its accumulated experience to several government and private institutions. These services are highly appraised. CUTIS is considered to be the biggest, leading consulting unit in its fields in the Arab Region.

and artificial insemination in breeding herds, introducing automatic slaughter houses for broiler processing, and using advanced grading and cooling techniques. Acolid was a pioneer in introducing pivot & drip irrigation systems, and newly agricultural products and feeds crops unknown before in the area.

Acolid is practicing intensive efforts to have efficient information technology (IT) which are planned and managed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations. The IT unit during 2007 has deployed several software modules to automate the key areas of the company's activities out of which, updating Acolid website on the internet, designed database with the objective to generate a strong decision support system for the management. A network is being established between the IT unit and projects and subsidiaries to strengthen the data communication.

Communications, Symposiums and Seminars

Acolid collaborates with several specialized regional and international organizations and institutions in the field of developing animal resources and deal with Arab food security programs. Also it attended and participated in several different symposiums, seminars and exhibitions related to animal and agricultural activities. During 2007 constructive meetings and exchange of view took place with several Arab government representatives and senior officials, who visited Acolid head-office at Damascus or its regional office at Riyadh. Some VIPs in Arab and Islamic states also visited head and regional offices. They discussed with top management the investment opportunities and economic cooperation to maintain and consolidate the effectiveness of the collective Arab works.