Corporate Profile

Acolid is a pan-Arab joint stock company emanated from the council for economic unity affiliate of the Arab league, established in 1974 as a pioneer with leading role in livestock development fields. It started its activities in 1977 with a paid-up capital of KD (59) millions. Shareholders are twelve Arab states.
Acolid main objectives are to perform all technical, agricultural, industrial and commercial activities concerned with the production, processing and transport of animal products and feed materials, equipment, machinery and appliances essential for its objectives, in addition to carrying out studies, the preparation of specifications and providing of consulting services both for its own purpose and for others.
Acolid has succeeded - during its running course up to 2007 - to establish (36) projects, subsidiaries and minority sharing, based on sound economic grounds and sectorial and geographical diversification in the Arab world as below.

Mission Statement:

Enhancing, strengthening Pan-Arab economic cooperation and collective works to support Arab Food Security programs in Arab region.

Corporate Vision:

Promoting of efficiency and productivity
Transfer and utilize advanced technologies
Compliance with the international specifications and measures
Improving positive lasting Development requirements
Preservation of environment

Core Values:

Professionalism in our performance
Transparency and fair disclosure in our operation
Competitiveness in the performance of the technical and productive units
Showing perseverance and prudent approach to accomplish goals.

Chief Executive Officer
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DR. ABDULLAH T. AL-THENAYAN (Ph.D. 1970 (Texas A & M) Professor of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness)

Chairman of Saudi Agricultural Bank, Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . Chairman of Saudi PAK Industrial & Agriculture investment Co., Islamabad - Pakistan . Chairman of several affiliated Arab Companies. Dr. Al-Thenayan joined ACOLID as a Director General in 1977. He is the key management individual who steers the company in its investments, projects, subsidiaries and departments as well as his continuous follow-up on the executive and performance of all direct and indirect Company activities. Dr. Al-Thenayan has been on ACOLID top management for 30 years which is a rare experience in the Arab region for a production company to enjoy such continuity which resulted in the deployment of over thirty productive projects in the Arab World.
Wholly owned project:                                


       On going projects                4 Projects
       Projects under progress        2 Projects

Majority owned investment        
          Subsidiary companies        10 Companies

Minority owned investment
& Participations                              12 sites

Head office projects
& Offices                                              8 sites